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Owners at Risk of Cancer from Pets?

Cancer: The Big C & Its Connection To Pets

It is said the only way to fight against Cancer is a regular PET CT Scan because they help diagnose the disease at the earliest possible stage. They are the winning hand. A periodic check-up with your health care provider can save you from the chaos and suffering of the condition. But today, we are not focusing on the treatment of the ailment; we are answering a rather unique question.

Recently, the query of do pets increase the chances of Cancer has come up a lot. It started because cats and dogs and other pets do give us:

• Lyme disease
• Leptospirosis
• Giardia
• ringworms
• salmonella

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Therefore, it shouldn’t be too far a stretch of the imagination that they give us Cancer also? Think about it. If you have a cat as a pet, then you share the same environment. It means wondering if there is a risk of developing tumour because of it is not too incredible. This is particularly true if the cat owner is immunocompromised, i.e., suffering from a condition that has weakened the immune system. Furthermore, there is data that shows the existence of cancer (and other diseases) in dogs and Tasmanian devils might put humans at risk.

At present, scientists know of two naturally occurring tumours that can pass from one living host to another. They are known as naturally transmissible tumours. These tumours have the ability to pass an infectious substance between two living things which makes the contagious. It should be noted that there is no proof that humans are susceptible to direct transmission of cancer. Yes, animals might infect each other, but in human beings’ cancer doesn’t spread like that.Here you check out about the dog cancer and its symptoms.

But Can It Move From Pets To Human?

If the question is that can pets, like a cat, infect humans with Cancer or increase the probability of it, then the answer is no. To prove the answer, we first give a few examples of studies that have given birth to this idea.

• A group of German researchers found out that 38% of women who lived in Bavaria and had breast cancer lived with a dog for a minimum of a decade. The control group of the study had only 15% of women who had a dog but not cancer. The study posits that pets may carry a carcinogenic virus.
• A medical journal article states that some cats may transfer the virus for feline leukaemia to their owners.
• Two different groups of researchers found that avian pets, i.e., bird owners were more likely to get lung cancer.

No, Pets Done Cause Cancer Or Increase The Chance Of It

 Image of a Cancer Dog Lying on a Hospital Bed and Pampered By his Owner.As far back as over 20 years ago, a study showed that women who have birds as pets or live with them are not at an increased risk of getting lung cancer. Some more researches that show similar results are:

• A study conducted in Britain proved that cat owners and non-cat owners are at an equal risk of getting brain cancer
• Another one found no support to the hypothesis that cats transmit leukaemia.
• A San Francisco research found that people who had a cat, bird, or dog as a pet had lower odds of getting non-Hodgkin lymphoma!
• A University of Arizona prospective study on 1,20,000 women concluded that there was no link between pets and developing cancer. The study worked on nine different forms of cancer.

Like every other topic on earth, research gives conflicting results. But in the case of cancer, the prospective study proves decisively that pet ownership doesn’t increase your risk of suffering from cancer!

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