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How to take care of your pregnant cat

How to care and nurture a pregnant cat?

Having a pet is a fascinating task and keeping them nourished and happy is an essential task for their caretaker. Cats are silent pets and provide exceptional love to their caretakers. If a person finds her cat being pregnant it is their time to provide her best care in the progeny duration. Let us look into some useful tips for nurturing a pregnant cat.

What is the best feed for a pregnant cat?

The first and foremost thing is to confirm the pregnancy of your cat by a certified veterinarian. A pregnant cat requires a lot of nutritional food to develop a healthy kitten. One is not aware of the number of kittens delivered by the cat and so providing a balanced and nutritional diet for the cat is essential.

The veterinarians of your cat will advise a caretaker to provide kitten food to the cat. Kitten food contains all the essential nutrients for the cat and her kittens. During the pregnancy, a cat requires more amount of calories than in general. The cat will need extra feed to sustain her cats. The kittens would occupy the stomach space and will only leave a few spaces for the food. So one should provide feed to the cat at regular intervals and multiple times a day.

Keeping a cat hydrated during pregnancy is necessary. A person can use different water bowls and keep it at different places inside the house so the pregnant cat can be comfortable with it. Get suggestions from your veterinarian before changing the food of your pregnant pet.

How to prepare a cat during the time of birth?

When the time of giving birth is nearer to make sure that your cat does not involve in any hype activities. This can affect her kittens severely. One can plan and keep a nest for the cat to deliver the off-springs. The owner of the cat has to keep the cat fit and comfortable during this period. Any changes like dislike of food or depression must be reported to the veterinarian ASAP. These symptoms can suggest some problems with pregnancy.

What to do after the post-pregnancy of the cat?
Once your cat has delivered her kittens they have to be taken for a health checkup to the veterinarian to ensure everything is safe. One should complete this task in 2-3 days after the delivery.

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