train a cat to change her life

How to train a cat to change her life and your relationship with her?

Don’t punish a cat on any mistake

Some people love discipline in their life but it is not possible to expect the same from their cat. Cats love to live on their own and punishing them can affect them with the increased levels of stress along with hazardous health problems. A person should never buy a cat if they want to expect some behavior changes by punishing the poor creature. The owner of the cat must be patient, relaxed, and calm during the training sessions of the cat.

Fetch some delicious treat which your cat loves the most using clickers

The clickers are widely used among the community of people training their pets. The clickers are only of few bucks but can fetch a lot of help while training a cat. The trainers use clickers to make an instant noise as a command for the pet. The training with the clicker involves giving a treat on the observation of the cat on every click. Thereby the cat can understand that she would get the treatment only is she obeys the command of their owners.

How to train a cat with “come here” command? 

Cats can respond to commands if trained effectively. The owner of the cat must make some noise with voice or tongue while calling the cat for the feed. With a few days of the training, the cat will understand that something positive is associated with the voice which means she will get feed when she responds to the command. Later the owner can use clickers and train the cat in similar ways with longer distance and giving her treats when she responds to the command. By this way of regular training, an owner can train a cat with their voice.

How to train a cat using the toilet?

If the cat learns to use the toilet, it would be the most beneficial thing for the owner of the cat and can save time on cleaning litter every day. The owner can keep the litter box near the toilet for a few days and then can keep it on the seat of the toilet. With a few days of training, the cat will learn to use the toilet. The owner can buy a litter box that can fit the toilet seat and the only thing which an owner should do is to press the flush button. This trick can keep the owner’s home clean and tidy.

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