A Gray cat sitting on the owner's lap while brushing.

Mistakes which owners make while brushing their cat

Do not trust the cat for self-grooming

Brushing a cat’s fur sounds like a simple task. But if it is not followed at regular intervals it can create problems for the owners of the cat. Brushing a cat is important to avoid any tangles and mats on her fur. With regular brushing, it becomes easy for the owner to check any fleas, ticks, or worms on their body surface.

Many owners believe that cats self groom their hairs using their front legs. But once they get older it becomes more difficult for them to brush a huge amount of hair. They need the help of their owners to remove the excess hair during the shedding time. The animal health care experts suggest hair brushing depending on the size of the hair on a cat. According to the experts, short-haired breeds need brushing once or twice in a day and the long-haired breeds require brushing twice or thrice a day.

Don’t use hard brushes for brushing your cat
The selection of brush plays an important role in the development of the cat’s fur. The selection of brush depends on the type of the breed whether short-haired or long-haired. One can use metallic brushes for the long-haired breeds and rubber brushes for the short-haired breeds. The clips can be used to remove the shredded hairs as they combine.

Which direction of brushing is good?

Many people think brushing against the direction of the brush will remove the excess hair from the body of the cat easily. But it is wrong and can make the cat feel insecure. The cats love brushing with their natural direction of the hair. People can use blowers to brush the hairs against the normal direction to remove the smooth hairs.

Some cats don’t want their owners to spoil their hair direction and hesitate during grooming sessions.

Some of the mats shed easily from the body of their pets as they get weak. Some are hard and attached firmly on the body of the cat. Don’t go hard on such mats because it can cause pain to their skin.

Brushing is necessary for your cat to stay clean, tidy and away from fleas or worms. Brushing can also prevent skin diseases in cats. Regular brushing can improve blood circulation inside the body of the cat.

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