A cat owner sedate her cat while grooming.

Best tips to sedate a cat for her grooming

Why sedating is essential for a cat while grooming?

It is difficult to groom a cat when she is in mood and no owner can tolerate an untidy behavior of cat for her grooming. An owner needs to provide some tranquilizers to avoid any injuries while cutting a cat’s nail or hair. The owners of the cat should only use tranquilizer amounts that are prescribed by the pet and nothing should exceed the limit. The tranquilizers can make the cat calm and the owner can complete the grooming before she gains consciousness.

Why tranquilizing drugs are essential for a cat?
The older cats cannot take care of their fur and hair like their younger ones. So grooming older cats is necessary for their health. Grooming their fur can prevent skin allergies. Tranquilizers are used by the owners to run a smooth grooming session. The vets also use tranquilizers to prepare the cat for surgery. It is suggested that cats need grooming while traveling for long distances.

What drugs come under the grooming list of a cat?

Acepromazine is one of the common drugs that one can use for sedating the cats while traveling of grooming. The other tranquilizing drugs like acevet and atravet are also recommended for sedation. These drugs are not recommended for cats that suffer from kidney-related disorders. Apart from drugs injections of anesthesia is also suggested by the doctors. An owner must make a sedation plan and treatment with a certified veterinarian.

There are also certain homeopathic remedies to calm down an anxious pet. Animal healthcare experts suggest owners to follow homeopathic remedies while grooming their pet.

If one feels awkward to sedate a cat or develop fear while grooming they can fetch help from animal groomers. The owners need to check out nearby grooming experts and visit them with their pets for grooming.

How to train a cat while grooming?

Some people don’t like to sedate cats using drugs or homeopathic remedies. If you’re a one from them then train your cat from a younger age. Train her with small brushing sessions and also provide her some treats or rewards to stay calm while grooming. An owner needs to maintain a positive environment and a strong association with a pet while grooming them without sedation.

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