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Top smart products for your loving cat

Feeding technological tool to our feline friends

People from all around the world love to have a cat as a pet. We all search for new technological products for our home needs so why not introduce such products in our cat’s life. Let’s go for some special tools to surprise your feline friend.

Litter-Robot 3rd generation open air:
When we talk about this device it certainly looks like an invention suiting people who hate to clean the litter tray of their cats. This device can automatically clean the litter of the cat and make it clean. It also possesses a sleep mode feature which makes sure that the owner does not get disturbed by the cat. This device can guide the cat to the litter box safely during the night. It works best with cats having an average weight of 2.3 kg.

Microchip feeder to maintain security of your pet’s food

People who have more than one cat inside their homes should use this tool to prevent any problem within the cats. Cats like to steal each other’s food and this can create aggressions between them. The microchip feeder can allow the food to a cat based on the microchip attached to their body. The device will prevent stealing and can also keep food fresh for longer durations.

Pet cube smart camera and microchip pet door for amusement of your cat
Leaving pets alone in a home is a risky task. The pet cube camera can make sure that the owner of the cat has an eye on their cat for 24*7. The owner can control the mischief of the cat using a camera of high quality and aperture. This also contains a laser to engage the cat in an activity.

The sure flap microchip pet door can alert the owner of any animal is trying to enter your cat’s room. The door also has a curfew mode which will allow the animal to move only a few times a day.

Don’t miss out the fast cat exercise wheel

Fitness is essential for a cat to stay away from unwanted visits to a veterinarian. We all know that a bored cat is a mischievous cat. This tool can keep the cat engaged in physical activity. Initially, the tool requires some training but once the pet is trained it will never get down from the fitness wheel.

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