Image showing a gray cat sitting on sofa and starring outside.

Caring for your cat

Guidelines to keep your pet happy

A popular misconception is that cats don’t need to be taken care of. They most definitely need the care and affection that any pet deserves. All pet cats need to be immunized as per the vet’s guidance. Immunization is mandatory for the safety of the pet and its owner.

No responsible pet owner will leave their tabby to fend for itself when it is hungry. Well balanced , hygienic food and clean water is imperative . Kittens need as much attention as babies – atleast during the first few weeks. Keeping an eye on the safety of your feline pet cannot be ignored. Cats are vulnerable to big dogs, vehicles, coyotes, raccoons ,etc.
Adopting or buying a pet- a cat in this case- is a lifetime dedication and responsibility. There are several factors of care that directly of indirectly affect the health of a cat. There are no hard and fast rules because cat maintenance is less fussy and simple.

Simple pointers to remember :

  • The newly adopted kitten or cat must be taken to a vet for a basic health checkup. Immunization schedules ought to be followed strictly and periodic checkups will ensure that your cat is in the prime of health.
  • Your pet feline needs a wholesome well balanced diet. Cats are carnivorous in nature. So it is only natural that they prefer meat protein. Interspersing meat with vegetables is a brilliant way of making them consume both a balanced meal with plenty of fibers.
  • Never habituate your cat to unnecessary snacks.
  • Avoid feeding kittens baby food because its components like onion and garlic powder can be poisonous for them.
  • Cats like to stay clean and they spend a considerable amount of time in self-grooming. However, a little bit of brushing the fur on a regular basis will help maintain the shine of the coat.
  • Your pet cat must have a cosy home to come back to after it is done exploring for the day. Even if its “home” is just a little box, it must be cleaned often.
  • Medication must strictly be given under the guidance of a vet. It is also a moral offence to administer human drugs to your unsuspecting pet.
  • Spaying of female cats and neutering of male cats must be done by five months.
  • Pet cats also need to know they are loved and cared for. Cats can also reciprocate the love showed to them by their owners. This ensures a good bonding that can last a lifetime.

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