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Pet Safety with Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Is The New It

We know that home automation has transformed the way we live our lives. It has made home life much more straightforward in fantastic methods. It is not only easier due to it but also more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost saving. Smart gadgets save us time, energy, and money. Therefore, it should surprise us that technology is taking a step further.

There is one avenue that only a few have discovered when it comes to home automation – pets. Yes, smart homes and devices are now meant for the most loving and furriest members of your household too. Since such a small number of people are aware of the many smart gadgets that are pet-centric, we bring you a short guide.

Here is the technology you can install at home to make the life of your pet a little more comfortable. And if you’ve been oscillating over the decision to get a pet, this is the chance to do it. If you are one of those who either forget to feed their cat or are away from home for long stretches of time, here’s what you should get!

Home Automation For Pets: The Smart Collar & Door

1. A smart collar is probably the niftiest invention ever made in pet technology. With a single collar, a pet-owner can:

• Live track the pet through GPS, which means you will never lose the cat, dog, or any other pet!
• Keep an eye on the health and activity of the pet throughout the day.
• Use it as two-way communication.

A little cute puppy wearing a Collar with a QR chip with information about the owners .

A few also come with training resources and invisible leashes. There are a number of options available in the market. The only impediment is choosing the smart collar that fits your and your pet’s needs. Look for one that is waterproof because most animals love water. Also, see how flexible the collar is to ensure maximum comfort. You could even buy one that acts like a FitBit and continuously monitors the wellbeing of the pet and alerts you in emergencies.Here you check out more gadgets for your pet safety.

2. A smart door is the next gadget you should invest in. It simplifies pet care to the nth degree. We’ve all faced the woes of critters barging in your home along with your pet through that tiny door. We’ve all also locked out pets outside for a short while once in a blue moon. Hey, we get it, mistakes happen all the time unintentionally!

A smart door is an ingenious creation that allows access only to your pet. How? Because your dog or cat is the only one wearing the smart collar that opens the door. At every other time, it locked tight, keeping away unwanted insects and animals! Most high-tech doors are:

• Airtight
• Waterproof
• Automatically locking

A smart door ensures that the pet has the freedom to roam about as they please, without the owner worrying about the safety of their homes!

A Smart Pet Feeder: Saviour For All

Image of Smart Feeder is a Wi-Fi connected automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs.The one creation in home automation for pets that is universally popular is the pet feeder. We all know that dogs, cats, and other pets need to be fed periodically and regularly. But considering the busy lives we lead, sticking to a feeding schedule can be tricky. Sometimes we are not at home at the right moment, other times we honestly forget. These instances mean that the pet goes hungry, however, briefly, that may be.

A smart feeder is a solution to it. The gadget allows you to fill up a dispenser in bulk. When you need to feed the pet, use your phone to give a command and it dispenses the required quantity on the bowl attached below. Some feeders even come with the feature of voice recording where you can record the name of the pet and play it during meal times to call the pet.

These were the three gadgets that one should definitely purchase to make their pet-filled homes smarter.

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