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Secrets behind successful cat parents

What are the pre-preparations to follow before inviting your new family member?

One needs to follow some essential task before adopting a new cat. Cats are sensitive and can feel insecure during the start. So it is the responsibility of the adopter to make sure that the cat feels pleasant and comfortable to befriend her owner. The owner has to arrange all the vital needs of the cat to establish a strong bond with her. The parenting tips mentioned in this article can nourish love between the furry friend and their owners.

Remove or hide all the unwanted hazards for cats
Cats love to be delighted in activities like jumping and hiding under some small places. Every home consists of some chemical cleaners which are a hazard for a cat if she eat or drink them. Apart from chemicals certain plants prescribed by the ASPCA (American for the prevention of cruelty to animals) should be kept away from the cats’ reach.

Apart from toxins hanging wires and cables can cause problems like electrocutions to your cat. The owner of the cat should hide the electric cables from the cat’s space. The dustbins must have a tight-fitting lid and the cats should be kept away from them.

Find out whether all your family members are happy to provide space for the cat

One has to plan with their families to make sure everyone is ready for the adoption of the new family member. The activities of handling the pet should be distributed equally with all the family members on board.

If the home contains already some other pet then it is necessary to introduce it with the cat’s smell. One must also provide the cat with some safe place to stay away from the other pet’s attacks.

Develop a routine of activities for the new cat

Check about the new cat’s wellness before adopting her. Find out all the details about her vaccinations. Consult veterinarians for regular health checkups.

To keep the cat healthy adequate and nutritional food is necessary. Make a collar for her neck which contains her name and your details if she is lost. Teach the new pet to evolve and encourage a new and happy routine.

The cat must stay fit and engaged in some activity. Stock-up some cat games that can keep her brain active and also make transparent windows for connecting the cat with the world.

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