Little kittens to rock the stage on the show

How to train the little kittens to rock the stage on the show?

How to make kittens ready before the show?

  • No one keeping a kitten pet had ever imagined of training her before the show. Let us check what the cat breeders do to prepare their cat for the show.
  • An array of training method for a kitten:
  • The training of the kitten can begin once it reaches a five year age. The owner must make the kitten feel comfortable in unknown places with their lovely toys.
  • The kitten must develop trust in jumping for the toy and grabbing it from you.
  • Practice bathing the kitten with decreasing weeks from three weeks once to once a week a month before the cat show.
  • The kitten must be able to withstand loud noises.
  • As a responsible owner make the kitten feel happy with unusual faces and befriending them.
  • The owner should train himself on lifting the kitten on their forearms.
  • The kitten should be trained in playing with the sisal rope pole.

Don’t compromise with the safety of your kitten

One should make sure that rigorous training does not affect her health. The kitten will follow the training as a routine once it is a four and a half months old. The owner can concentrate on improving the kitten’s immune system. It is better to show the stage to the kitten when it is young rather being late as the kitten would develop possessive feelings and would want themselves to be hidden from the world. The kitten will feel more coward and unpleasant with the growing age when meeting new faces.

How to train at the beginning of the show

Drive to the show as early as possible to make the kitty feel pleased with the newcomers. Some kitties can get scared while seeing many people with loud noises from getting out of a silent car. The owner can introduce the kitten with the table used by the judges to boost her confidence level and make the kitten realize that the place is safe to be. To develop her trust for the stage play with her or share her favorite treat. Also, train her for the grooming sessions. The owner can have their seat at the bench and relax and yell out loud if the kitty loses and understand the fact that it is only a show. The owner need not be nervous or intense for the loss in the show.

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