Image Represents Persian Cat in Show.

How to show a Persian cat in shows

How interested are you from the show bug? 

Well, many people love to show their cats talent in shows to sweep the awards. Many people who have pet cats want to participate in the show but don’t have any clue about how and when to participate. Underneath this article are hiding some glorious facts of how to introduce your Persian cat to the show world. For example, we will discuss about the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) tournament and its participant cat breeds.

The first thing as an owner finds out the nearest cat club in the residential area. The cat club in every area host different competitions every year. One can contact with CFA to fetch the details of cat clubs and their competitions. Once the owners locate a cat show it is their responsibility to fill up the participate form.

How to make a cat ready for the show on the stage 

The owner of the cat can purchase some stage curtains to run a simulated scenario for training the cat. One can use the color of the curtains which is similar to past events. To know about much more exaggerated stuff related to the cat show one can contact the CFA.

One can purchase the stage curtain from the vendors who offer variety in selection and size needed for the training. The Persian breed of the cat loves to show off when their cage is decorated with colorful curtains. The owner of the cat has to change the pillow covers according to the stage curtains.

What exercise should a cat follow before the show? 

Usually, the Persian cats require a training period of 4 to 6 weeks before the cat show. The owner has to make the cat feel comfortable while bathing which can help her win over the grooming awards on the stage. The owner has to train her on the grooming table and ensure that the cat does not run away from the table. The judges would like to watch the cat’s behavior outside her cage.

As the cat is going to watch different faces on the show it is essential to train her to avoid any aggression from him/her on the stage. The best idea to train is having a trip with the cat to the mall as the breed can feel comfortable with other people moving around her.

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