A black and white strapped cat sitting on a pillow.

Top three tips for taking care of the cat

Bathroom grooming techniques for a new cat

Discussing with a reputed veterinarian at regular intervals is necessary but as an owner of the cat some essential home care tips are necessary for strong bonding. It is a belief that cats love to keep them clean and tidy. We can say it is correct but to some extent. They need external help from their owners to stay gorgeous and pretty. The owner can bathe the kittens once they turn up 3 months old. One can use cat wipes for tiny kittens till they turn up to 3 months old. The kittens need not bathe every day once in 10 days is more than enough. Use soft towels and warm waters to bathe them. While drying their hair with hairdryer make sure that you don’t hurt their body parts like abdomen which don’t have hairs.

How to coat care and brush your cat

An interesting fact about cats is they love to comb their hairs using the front legs. The presence of hairs on the cat’s body plays a crucial role in protecting them. The hairs protect the skin of the cat from insect bites and temperature errors like hot or cold.

The owners of the cat can use double-sided combs to remove the shredded hair from their bodies. One can cut the hairs of a cat if they are tangled and start disturbing her. Such activities should not be performed at home. The owner must visit a veterinarian with the cat who can cut her hair by giving anesthetics.

Facial care of your loving cat

The nose of the cat does not require any car generally because of its sensitivity and moist nature. The owner can visit the vet if something unusual is noticed from the cat. The owners of the cat should not touch their ears because the external part called pinna is too sensitive. The excess of ear wax can be removed using the soft washcloth. And while bathing the cat one can shampoo the external ears to remove the dirt.

The cats develop problems with their teeth once they reach an age of 3 years. Special toothbrushes and pastes can be used carefully to prevent any oral health problems. One should also look after the feed of the cat to avoid any tooth problems.

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