A closeup view of black striped cat.

It’s a cat’s world out there!!

The growing popularity of cats.

Ever since man domesticated animals millions of years ago, the dog has had the upper hand. Many are the phrases and stories that stand testimony to a dog’s loyalty and unconditional love. Yet, this coveted pedestal which seemed uncontested for ages has a “not- so -new” contender, the cat. The pet world stands divided in two- DOGS and CATS. Other pets like birds , fish and exotic animals aren’t top contenders for best pets.

The popularity and preference for cats has been trending for quite some time now. Ask the feline lover and you will end up with a plethora of reasons as to why the cat is a better pet. To start with, the whole world will agree that cats are a lot less noisy. Whilst dogs can bring the roof down with their din, cats are unnoticeable. Unless there is a need, the feline friend will mind its own business.

Cats are easy to maintain and are more affordable. They also do not take up much space. Dogs need their space primarily because of their size and they are territorial too. But cats can be quite content if given a corner in the house or only a little box.

Your feline pets are independent creatures, unlike some dogs who have issues of separation anxiety. Cats love explore and roam around. Seldom can a cat be found tethered to a post. It just doesn’t happen like that! Besides, cat love staying indoors too. The hassle of having to take your tabby out for a walk is non- existent.

The domestic cat is so much like its bigger cousins, the lion, tiger and cheetah. They can contently eat the food given to them ,yet they do love to stalk and attack prey. They are agile climbers, very sure-footed, extremely flexible and fast on their feet.

Knowing your feline friend

Cats are mysterious creatures. They are hard to discern and their body language hardly gives anything away. It is a popular and agreeable fact that dogs try hard to please their owners but cats just don’t care. In spite of their “cattitude” the bond between humans and cats was forged eons ago.

The ancestors of today’s domesticated pet can be traced back to 15,000 when the first agriculturists tamed the wildcat simply because it got rid of the pesky rats. To the ancient Egyptian, the cat was a symbol of reverence. Dead cats were mummified out of respect.

The proximity to humans has modified the social interactive skills of the feline friend. Constant comparisons made with dogs tend to portray the cat as a snobbish, selfish , self-centered pet. But all that isn’t quite true. Display of affection towards the owner can be both subtle and open. Of course, there is no wagging of the tail or hyperactivity of jumping up and down. But cats have their own special way of communicating with their owners.

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