Image showing a mother cat lying on a sofa with her cute kittens.

How to take care of a cat and her kittens after pregnancy

Why post-pregnancy care is crucial for your pet?

Your adorable cat has given birth to tiny little cute kittens and it is your responsibility now to ensure their safety and care. During this period your adult cat is delicate and needs additional care. So the cat expects proper nourishment of their kittens from their owners.

The early days of the new kittens are tough for the mother. The mother has to battle the post-pregnancy problems and the kittens grow rapidly on her feed. The owner can provide the cat family a separate quiet and warm room if possible. Many of the kittens die due to over chilling in winter. If the mother cat is familiar with your housemates she will be glad to invite and if she is new then avoid visiting the cat’s room frequently.

Practice clean and tidy litter boxes:
Provide the cat and its kittens’ litter box to litter. One can arrange towels inside the box and can remove them once the kittens’ litter on it. Make sure that the cat family stays close to each other to prevent any aggression. Feed the cat with high and protein and nutritional food so she can healthily feed her kittens.

Health risks for kittens and cats after post-pregnancy

As like us animals also have to battle with diseases. The three important things that create health hazards for the kitten are:

  • Respiratory infections
  • Parasitic infections like (bacteria, viruses, etc…)
  • And rare congenital diseases

One of the most common problems for newborn kittens is fading kitten syndrome. In this type of syndrome the kitten stays lazy and sleeps all the time. The kittens affected by this syndrome does not take part in any activity. If the owner of the kitten observes any such symptoms then he/she must immediately contact the vet.

The development process of the kittens into an adult cat

During the initial stage of nervous and muscular development kittens use to make twitches when they sleep. One can feel their teeth coming out in a few days. It takes three weeks for the kitten to learn to walk. Once they learn to walk the owner can train them to defecate inside the litter box.

Apart from training and physical activities regular vaccinations and health-check up must be maintained up-to-date by the owner of the kittens.

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